Here’s How People Were Able To Participate

Opportunities for Attendees to “Take The Stage” at the ESHIP Summit

Throughout the Summit, we created a number of opportunities for attendees to “take the stage” to share what they’re working on and what they are learning in their communities. 

  1. Lead an Ecosystem Building Unconference Session
  2. Participate in the Ecosystem Building Science Fair
  3. Attend New Attendee Orientation

Priority is given to presentations, programs, tools and stories that address one or more of the ESHIP Goals.

Ecosystem Building Unconference

The Pre-Summit Ecosystem Building Unconference offers participants the opportunity to host 20-minute sessions on topics they’re curious about and/or related to their work. (What’s an unconference?)

Like all good unconferences, we’ll work collaboratively once we’re onsite to create the session topics.

Unconference slots will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis. Here are some guidelines:

  • Unconferences are intended to be attendee-designed. The beauty of these events comes from the organic, and often spontaneous, process used to create the agenda with attendees in real time.
  • All sessions last 20 minutes and will be hosted in small breakout spaces. There will be a screen with computer hookup and a whiteboard available in some. For those areas, we will provide HDMI cords, but if your computer does not take standard HDMI, we ask that you bring your own adapter.
  • Hosts are highly encouraged to make their session more than just a presentation and engage in discussion and interaction with the group.
  • Pre-prepared presentations are welcome, but are not necessary. Oftentimes spontaneous facilitated discussion can prove more fruitful within the unconference format.
  • Like many unconferences, some sessions on similar topics may be combined, going with the flow will be key to enjoying the Unconference.
  • Please note there are a limited number of sessions available.

No sign-up needed. Just show up! We look forward to seeing you there.

Ecosystem Building Science Fair

The 2019 ESHIP Summit is a fantastic opportunity to learn more about the growing number of tools, resources, and practices for building thriving entrepreneurial ecosystems.  

We’re inviting interested participants to share their learnings, research, tools, and work (or work in progress) at the Ecosystem Building Science Fair, a curated collection of tabletop presentations inspired by a seventh-grade science fair and organized around key ecosystem building themes.

How it works: Each Science Fair participant will be given a table (3 feet wide by 2 feet deep by 15 feet tall) and a wifi connection to present an overview of their ecosystem building work. Drawing inspiration from a seventh-grade science fair, we suggest you use a traditional science fair board available at a local craft or school supply shop (but it’s not required). We encourage you to get as creative and innovative as you’d like. Include photos, video, craft supplies, physical objects, handouts, and visuals to share your story. Laptops and video screens are acceptable, but there are no power outlets available. The only rule is your display cannot exceed the width, depth, and height of your table.

Check out some past Science Fair displays.

The ESHIP Summit science fair seeks projects with topics closely related to the ESHIP Goals,  along with a few others. We look for science fair exhibits that address:

  • Diversity, equity, and inclusion best practices.
  • Fostering a culture of trust and collaboration.
  • Building a community-wide shared vision.
  • Support programs and networks for ecosystem builders.
  • Ecosystem building models, methods, and case studies.
  • Mapping and measuring ecosystems.
  • Funding models for ecosystem building.
  • Engaging large institutions in the community.
  • Successful storytelling initiatives.
  • Ecosystem-related research and public policy.
  • Entrepreneurial education.
  • Unlocking latent capital.

If your proposed project falls outside of these categories, and space is available, we will do our best to incorporate it.

New Attendee Orientation

Never attended a ESHIP Summit before? No sweat, we will catch you up. We encourage first time attendees to join us prior to the Summit to learn more about our progress over the last years and prepare everyone to jump right in!

These can be pre-conference webinars or onsite meetings, or both!  

We encourage everyone to attend one if they are a first time attendee as it helps them have the best experience possible at the Summit.

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